Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you need additional information or have any questions, please use the Contact page.

Are the Chapter Officers compensated?

No. All officers have volunteered to serve the chapter in their spare time. Many have full-time jobs and still manage to conduct chapter business, organize rides and events and attend membership meetings. Their only reward is if you enjoyed a ride or event or tell them they are doing a good job.

I changed my Email, Mailing Address, Name…etc.

Contact the Membership Officer and provide them with your changes as soon as possible.

I haven’t received an email from the chapter in several months

Contact the Membership Officer and confirm your email address. Confirm that your online mailbox has not exceeded the limit; which will cause email to be undeliverable

Where do I get the HOG Patches and/or Powder Keg HOG Rockers?

HOG Patches and/or Powder Keg HOG Rockers can be purchased from Powder Keg Dealership. Stop by and ask one of the motor clothes representatives. Examples can be found on the Chapter Merchandise page on our website.

Can my spouse be a member?

If your spouse is a passenger your spouse can join National HOG as an Associate Member using your VIN number and then join Powder Keg HOG Chapter as a full member. Your spouse will receive their own unique National HOG Membership card. As a full member of Powder Keg HOG Chapter, your spouse would not be required to sign a release form for every ride or event. Plus they can enjoy all the benefits of being a full member of Powder Keg HOG Chapter.

What is a Primary Officer?

Every Chapter has four Primary Officers which for the most part are chosen by the Sponsoring Dealership. The Primary Officers are; Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. It takes more than these four officers to manage a HOG chapter, but these are the Primary Officers.

Why do I have to listen to the same pre-ride briefing before each ride?

The pre-ride briefing is used to introduce the group riding procedures to any riders joining our group for the first time and to get all attendees to focus on the dynamics of group riding. We believe that Powder Keg HOG’s safety record is largely due to the Road Captains and the Safety Officer taking their job very seriously and providing this briefing before every ride.

What is the Sponsoring Dealership?

In 1983 Harley-Davidson® started the Harley Owners Group (HOG) as a means of promoting riding and having fun on Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles. Each Dealership was given the opportunity to sponsor a HOG Chapter as an extension of their Dealership which has lead to increased sales of motorcycles, motor clothes, and motorcycle accessories. Sponsoring a HOG Chapter is a business decision for each Dealership, therefore the dealership can oversee the Chapter, make decisions regarding Primary Officers and can, if necessary, change or remove Officers and members for the good of the Chapter and the Sponsor.

I have an idea for a great ride. How can I get it on the schedule?

If you would like to get a ride scheduled, contact the Head Road Captain by submitting your idea by way of email. The chapter can always use new and fresh ideas for rides, events or activities. Don’t be shy. This is your chapter.